Vanessa McKittrick

  • Assistant Teacher

  • Teacher for 2 Year Olds

Vanessa McKittrick comes from a family of educators and has been involved in some way with children’s learning for most of her life.  After occasionally visiting her mother’s classroom throughout high school, she went on to receive a BA in Japanese language and culture from Bennington College, and an MA in Secondary English Education from The City College of New York before beginning her official teaching career in New York City in 2009.  In 2011, she pivoted from the public school system to a private Montessori school in Jersey City, NJ, and in 2013 received her AMS Montessori credentials from the Princeton Center for Teacher Education.  After taking time off to stay home and raise her daughter, Vanessa is returning to the classroom as an assistant here at Mt. Airy. She is very happy to join the team of teachers that made her own daughter’s stay at Mt. Airy such an enriching one.