Kinderkicks is currently suspended at Mt. Airy as we are not bringing in outside programs during the pandemic.  Please see below for a description of our usual Kinderkicks program.  We look forward to returning to our partnership and the ability to safely offer Kinderkicks at Mt. Airy.
Mt. Airy is proud to partner with Go No Sen Karate of Peekskill to offer our students KinderKicks.  KinderKicks is a music and movement program developed for children to exercise, learn, and play with a martial arts flair.  Children develop perseverance, self-control, courage, and respect through a fun fitness curriculum using a variety of exciting movement materials and equipment.  KinderKicks is offered at Mt. Airy on Fridays immediately following our regular morning dismissal.  KinderKicks is open to Mt. Airy students and children from the community ages 2 to 5.  There is a fee of $99 for each session of KinderKicks.  Each session consists of 8 thirty minute classes.