“Mt. Airy is a unique school run by qualified, talented, engaging professionals.  As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I feel welcome each time I visit.  Constructive conversations about how to best support student development are ongoing.  It’s an exceptional place to learn and have fun!”

Margaret Ferris, M.S., CCC-SLP
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“I am a special education teacher who has had the privilege to work with one of your children in your school this year.  I . . . have been working with children with disabilities from birth to five years old for the past twenty years.  I have to tell you that this is by far one of the best preschools I have ever seen. . . You offer challenging activities that encourage the children to grow and discover.  The children seem to enjoy all of the activities and enjoy learning. . . The children learn to interact appropriately with each other as well as adults.  They are learning proper manners and social skills.  They are also learning their shapes, colors, numbers, and letters as well as a variety of other activities.  I feel you have a great curriculum and would highly recommend your school to any parent.”

Elaine Isenburg, SEIT
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