Laura Keil

  • Head Teacher

  • Head Teacher for 2 year olds
  • Art Teacher

Laura Keil currently fills a number of roles at Mt. Airy. She is our head 2s teacher, our art teacher, and assists with our French program. She is certified in elementary education PreK-6 and has also held certification in Art K-12. Ms. Keil was awarded an Americorps Fellowship through the competitive New York City Teaching Fellows program after spending several years working in children’s publishing. She spent six years teaching elementary and arts education in Brooklyn before moving to Westchester with her husband and young daughter. In addition to her work in education, Ms. Keil is a talented artist who enjoys metalwork and enameling. She has spearheaded both large and small scale art exhibits in a school setting and is proud to have had her students’ work featured at the highly selective New York City PS ART show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ms. Keil speaks French and spent a year working at a school in Paris teaching English to middle and high school students. She is excited to be joining the Mt. Airy family to continue her work with young children.  Ms. Keil’s daughter and son are both graduates of Mt. Airy Nursery School.